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March 31, 2006


Massachusetts Jonah

the lord appeared to me as a website in the desert. and he spoke as a great tweeter speaking above the din of the city. and he said: you shall be a prophet. and your name shall be kadish simcha ( sanctification of the holy in joy) and you shall go forth to bring holiness in joy to all men. and I bowed down and asked forgiveness and ran away. and in every city i sanctified god’s name in all act and in joy. and to all men. and when I could run no more I rent my clothes and cried to the creator: I am here. I cannot bear so severe a gift. and I heard myself say: you shall yet blossom. you shall burst forth as flower in spring. so I named myself nitsan , budding flower.

and it came to pass that a jew named Joshua came to me and asked: are you a prophet? and I answered: you have said so. and he said: may I borrow your words? and I laughed and blessed him. go my son, I said. all that I have is yours.

let all who are hungry come and eat. a joyous pesach to you and your family. may you rejoice in your freedom and the blossoming spring.


Saint Josh, you de MAN! I can't get enough of your pantheon of saints. Thanks for everything, especially the MUSIC!!


Congratulations on the blog. I had fun revisiting some old friends. Also checked out your own site for the first time. Fantastic!

Massachusetts Jonah

mazel tov. your site looks very good. you are a saint to keep sharing it for free. but then, you have no choice. you are a starving artist by mission. I, on the other hand, am a bitter disillusioned prophet. I carry out my mission even as I am disappointed with god and rebel against him. read the book of jonah for details.

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