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April 24, 2006



All the freaky people make the beauty of the world

P + G

thats a great saint....wild and funny

mike b

That was one of my favorites Josh. Brilliant!


i am you. you are me.

Film Boy

I laughed out loud - a lot - all through it. You keep topping yourself! I keep saying it but its true. Is that chucks voice? I love his voice for this so perfect!

Mara Mara

As a frequent flyer in the seven stages, I commend your ability to FINISH. Mostly, I just get to the self-lubrication phase and give up. But, no more Saint X!


I probably shouldn't say this to married man (and a new Dad),
but I laughed so hard, I peed in my pants (now remember, this
is the confession of an "older" woman).


AWESOME SAINT! This is one of the best ever!


LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saint Sanford

There is a vaguelly 1930s Kafkaesque look to these

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