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June 28, 2006



Actually, I love my job, I was just curious what would happen if I pushed the button.

I believe to make it into the pantheon of sainthood you need to perform a miracle. where, perchance, are your creds?

but just in case you are for real, (i like to hedge my bets against my atheism), please banish this whole exchange-my-time-and-skills-for-money thing that we pleasure seeking monkeys have set up for ourselves.


Loving is what I do best. Oh, Drone, let me love for money. But, not that kind of love. I should be clearer when I pray.


My job includes periodic breaks to the Pump Room where I and two other women, plug in our lectric cords and churn out milk for our little ones left at home in the care of women who left their little ones at home in the care of....I'd like a job where I could bring my babe to work. Maybe a field? Maybe a market?


My job is the beautifulest of the world (Know your Dow's Syndrome neighbour, he knows it all about love). And not easy at all. Gracias a Jesus, hombre !
Un abrazo a todos los trabajadores.

stephanie wade

I've been a waitress in East Hampton for almost 20 years. When people use their fingers to beckon for me to come and refill their water glasses...listen to their complaints...take away their dishes...bring their fancy cocktails...whatever, it is my job to fulfill their wishes. This is making me nuts! Every year for the past five years I have declaring the end of my waitressing career. I am finally turning into the scary waitress who comes by and says strange inapppropriate things.
I am praying to finish my PhD and find a teaching job that will support me and my family and pay off my student loans before I crack-up.


Love my job but the pay sucks.Help me drone!


My boss is a slave driver, my hours are long, I never get a day off, and the bitch makes me work naked. Thank god I'm self employed! I'm negotiating with myself to get half a day off and an old T-shirt to wear, at least on "casual Fridays".

Whipping Boy

I HATE MY SUCKKKKKY JOB!!!! My boss is a first time manager & thinks she is GOD!

Saint Hector

I just want to be loved, is that so wrong? Who ever said anything about a job? I'm a lover not a worker.


Dear Saint Drone...You have a very sexy chest. Oh, and please keep the Ketel One coming. Thank you.


Oh holy drone.....Get me the hell out of here before my head explodes and pink confetti comes out all over the nice BLUE carpet.

My fantasy job would include an afternoon naptime preferably with my husband, but, if he's not available, then perhaps with a "friend".


POTUS - Can't possibly to do a worse job than the idiot that's there now

Jeanne Fleming

I LOVE my job--I just HATE the money--I PRAY for more money so taht I can really love my job the way I want to!

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