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May 30, 2007



Hey St. Pink, I'd really like a kiss before I go home for break if I could possibly get one. Thanks.


i wish that i get 95% on my entrance exam

adrian and kai

i dont like you very much what should i do?


Hey St. Pink- Please help me get pregnant!

Shrin #1

Hey "saint pink"!
I really would want um for uh... my family and friends to stay safe and i want an icelandic pony!


i'd like to find a job.


My experience is that what we wish for is often not what we need, but if you could send some happiness, friendship, internal peace, some passionate love and maybe a little wine and chocolate my way, I'd want for nothing more.

Ann Hain

Dear Pink,

There is so so much to wish for. Mainly that we end all the wars all over this world, that our politicians start consider the middle class and poor people and quit taking more and more of our hard earned money. Buy me biggest wish is for my daughter. Her baby girl is due in December. I wish that her baby daughter be healthy, and that her husband job soon. Also that my parents and my best friend, my sister, stay health.


I want to get a new back pack but my mom thinks that it's just wasting money and that I have a perfestly good back pack but I think it's very unstylish!


i really need to NOT get braces
thanks Pink! (hopefully)


Hi emma!!! wassup? I want a lot of stuff but I'm too lazy to say it all.

Mainly, I wanna be NORMAL when I become a teen. AND I want shear genius to come back on.

Oh, and PURPLE IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN PINK. Okies, thats it.

Can't wait for 6th!!!

You know who. (Catherine if you can't guess. *hits head with frying pan*)


to be a world famous writer and lecturer


Dear Pink,
I think everyone is good at something. But I want to be great at something and have the world know about it.

mistress chub

saint pink,
if i could be anything in the world, it would be to be really really skinny. that's pretty jacked up, huh?


hay emma! my wee saint form across the world!! its stella..or athene...if you remember me...from new zealand...
i wish that my LOVE NEVER DIES!!!! and i want magic dust too.
by the way u have grown up to be a EXTREMEMLY BEAUTIFUL girl!! xxxx

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