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November 26, 2007



thanks for your tribute to Grandpa. loved it. Us Biggi-Gosfields make a wonderful team, even better than the A one.


Aside from the creative wit, the wonderful energy, the sheer fun (all of the stuff that was indeed part of your father's personality) that you "miraculously" managed to incorporate into the SAINT OF THE MONTH, your "offering" made me a bit teary, but it mostly prompted ecsatic smiles. Thanks for that. . .


Thank you for the St Eugene tribute to your Dad.

Dave S

You've managed to immortalize your dad, and what a fine/fun job that is. Thanks, Josh. Trouble is, Cindy said she just wants to slow it down and enjoy it carefully. Me, I just play it over a few times!

A rose

you made me smile and cry at the same time watching that, it's really
great. i loved it.


Wow! This is so fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sending it to me.

Nephew Matt

It's really something, with Josh's personality all over. Amazing how you can capture so much in such a short period of time, isn't it? I had forgotten (never knew?) how much Gene resembled Reuben in his youth.


This is fantastic! Thanks for sending it my way. I enjoyed every pic – especially the early years.


I was genuinely touched and wish I had met your Dad because he seemed like a wonderful man. Your are lucky to have had such a force in your life and I am glad your shared it with me. Thanks.


What a fabulous tribute, Josh! You did him proud. Lot's of love there.


That made me cry. That was so sweet. I loved it!


This is a truly inspired tribute to your Dad-- heartfelt and in the spirit of every description of him you have given me over the years. So revealing about him and about you, too. xoxo


So very beautiful! What a great tribute to your dad. Art is so healing, such a tonic for grief. I'm crying a mom died 3 years ago. Thank you for your Saint of the Month Club.

P & R

We felt at the same time very sorry about the death of Josh's father and very moved by your tribute to him.
Even though we never met him, the way Josh described him,
he sounded like a great person. Watching the little clip just confirmed our impression.
we wished it had lasted longer as we wanted to know more about this man.
All I can say is that he left this world having led a full and honest life and achieved to raise kids full of talent and, free spirited for the one we know.
That in itself is worth living for. I am sure he left in peace with himself and this must be a comforting thought to you, even though it is always tough to loose a loved one.


Sorry to hear you lost your dad Josh. Your piece was beautiful. I felt like I knew your dad by the end of the song and it made me cry.

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